Our experience was positive from start to finish


We want to tell you how pleased we are at your company’s work and how the work was done. Note these remarks are our idea, not written because they were solicited. Our experience was positive from start to finish. At the outset, after finding your company in the Yellow Pages, I spoke with Helen. She took the time to listen carefully to what we thought we needed to be done. She also shared with us the nature of your company and its record. It was clear that she is proud of that record. Later I learned it is essentially a family-run business. Nick took more time than did the other two contractors from whom we got quotes. He went over the house thoroughly, paying close attention to detail and informing us of things we did not know and answering all our questions fully. The price Nick quoted was the highest of the three, but only $650 more than the next highest. So we had confidence that the pricing was pretty solid. Work started the day it was promised to start. Home owners have learned this too often is not the case. At the same time, the job took longer than Nick thought, 7 ½ working days. There were four “extras” that no one foresaw, and that we don’t think could have been foreseen. We never got the impression that the electricians, Joey, Mike or Jim, were being rushed, and there was no sign of short-cuts being taken. Throughout, Genelle stayed in good contact and was a pleasure to deal with. The electricians really worked hard and well. No goofing off. They took their lunch breaks in the truck. They asked our opinions when there were decisions whether to keep a fixture or not, etc. They cleaned up well at the end of every day. All-in-all, we give your company absolutely top marks for communications, accurate quotation of price and pricing details, doing the work when promised, excellence of work, cleanliness and friendly service. When Joey and Jim left, it was like losing family. Thanks again. Rest assured we’ll recommend AC Electrical Contractors Ltd. at every opportunity. Sincerely, Barrie & Jean – Toronto