How Is Your Sidekick…Or Should We Say Sub Panel

Categories:Sub Panels

While your main electrical panel is the superpower in your electrical system, the sub panel is its best sidekick. This additional panel is located apart from the main one, and its primary function is to allow you to add circuits if you run out of room in the main electrical panel.

The reason this matters is that every time you add new appliances and circuits to your home, you increase the demand on your main electrical panel. Depending on how old your electrical system is, and how much energy you use, this can overtax your main electrical panel to the point that it either falters or simply fails.

Structurally, it’s essentially a mini electrical panel that feeds off the main electrical panel. The main feeder wire leads into the bus bars and circuit breakers, while branch wire circuits then lead off the circuit breakers into specific areas of the home. As far as power capacity, you can typically expect a sub panel to have about 30 amperage and 240 volts.