Protect Your Home With Regular Maintenance

Categories:Smoke Detectors

Most consumer smoke and/or combination smoke/carbon-monoxide alarm run on batteries, which can run out when you least expect it. Even though the typical smoke and/or combination smoke/carbon-monoxide alarm will emit a chirping sound when the battery is running low, safety experts recommend taking a more proactive approach to your home’s security by changing the batteries at daylight savings times. Check out this video that provides guidelines for replacing your smoke detector batteries, and the smoke alarm itself.

Safety experts have also found that even the best smoke and/or combination smoke/carbon-monoxide alarms will perform at optimal levels for no more than seven years. So to ensure your safety, AC Electrical urges you to replace your hard wired smoke and/or combination smoke/carbon-monoxide alarms every seven years. Of course, most calendars don’t go seven years into the future. One way to keep track is writing the date in permanent marker in a subtle spot on the detector panel. Another easy solution: consider joining AC Electrical’s Power Club and we’ll keep track of maintaining all your electrical needs.

As such an important device in your home and family’s safety, it is important to know how yours functions, and to maintain it regularly. If you need assistance placing, installing, repairing, or maintaining your detection system, please contact AC electrical—our certified electricians are all skilled in working with hard wired smoke detectors.