Protecting Your Home Against Overloads of Electrical Energy

Categories:Circuits and Wiring

You probably know that circuits and wiring run throughout your house, both seen and unseen. But how much do you know about your wiring home system?

Here’s what you need to know about circuits and wiring, the network of electrical wires that run from the main electrical panel throughout your home:

  • They connect each outlet and switch to the power source, thereby providing power to every appliance in your home.
  • That energy flow is a complete circle, which runs from the main electrical panel, through the outlet, to the appliance, and back through all the way back to the main electrical panel.
  • Wiring home standards and policies are governed by the Ontario Electrical Code, which the courteous and highly skilled Toronto electrical contractors at AC Electrical follow to a tee.
  • The standard electrical outlet consists of two three-pronged, polarized receptacles, which each has a 120-volt hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground. Power flows through both receptacles, but appliances that need higher voltage power (think washing machines and air conditioners) use both hot wires, while less electricity-thirsty appliances just employ one hot wire.