Home Surge Protection…Do You Have It…

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Surge protection is a key element in protecting your investments. Just think: a power surge can impair and even destroy appliances, racking up your electrical repair bill with costs that you could have avoided. Investing in a surge protector is the surest way to prevent a power surge—and the associated damage and expense—from occurring.

Just what is a power surge? Essentially, it’s what happens when the line voltage goes higher than it’s rated for and stays there longer than 10 milliseconds. And it happens a lot more than you might guess. Every day, appliances are hit with an average of 20 power surges—power fluctuations that only your appliances will ever even register. The end result of these daily surges can shorten an appliance’s lifespan by anywhere up to 30 percent. And no one wants to invest in a quality appliance only to find it doesn’t last as long as it should from an everyday occurrence that’s entirely avoidable.