Straight Forward Pricing:

Competitive, Straightforward Pricing: Say goodbye to dishonest quotes and hidden costs—we provide efficient service at competitive rates. AC Electricals Toronto-area electricians will give you various options for solving your electrical problems and provide firm quotes for all service work. Fair and clear pricing is our policy. We price by the job, not the hour and make sure you are clear on all costs BEFORE any work is done. We price from pre-set, listed prices as set in our Straight Forward Price Menu and have no overtime or after hour additional costs nor do we increased pricing by the neighbourhood.

Warehouse on Wheels:

When an AC Electrical signature large truck pulls up to your front door, a Warehouse on Wheels has arrived. Each of our trucks is stocked with a huge inventory of thousands of top quality parts.

No multiple visits required. Our service professionals keep almost everything in our Warehouse on Wheels – meaning we won’t waste your time coming to your house several times to do a simple repair. We can quote and do the work all in one visit, and get your system up and running in no time. Our Warehouse on Wheels concept means efficient service without delays.Warehouse On Wheels